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Plant Pot Cover Paper Plain Weave

Finished Dimensions: 10cm x 11cm x 14cm 

 Important Notes!
- Gorilla Wood Glue is highly recommended for best results.
- Different color strips are used in photos for the applicable step.
- Finished item may vary slightly in size from the dimensions above.
- At KaGOcraft, we prefer to use centimeters for our measurements instead of inches, as it's more precise for our projects and will yield the best results in the finished item.


Skill level: ★★☆☆☆

Supply list

- KaGOcraft's 13mm Craft Band
- Gorilla Wood Glue
- Scissors
- Clips or Clothespins
- Starter tool kit

Prepare the Craft Band 13mm for this project

Color A: Main Color of the Basket Biscuit Total 943cm
Color B: Accent Color of the Basket Yamabuki Total 95cm

Name Length Pieces Width Color
1 Horizontal strip   11cm 4 12 A
2 Horizontal strip   49cm 3 12 A
3 Support strip   10cm 2 12 A
4 Vertical strip  48cm 6 12 A
5 Reinforcement strip  11cm 2 12 A
6 Weaving strip  47cm 9 12 A
7 Weaving strip  47cm 1 12 B
8 Inner Rim strip  47cm 2 12 A
9 Outer Rim strip  48cm 1 12 B




1.Make the base. Arrange Horizontal strips 1, 2, & 3 as shown. Make sure that all of the strips are centered. Glue the Support strips along both sides as shown.

2.Turn over, and glue Vertical strips along both sides as shown. Make sure they are centered.
3.Flip back to the front side. Take two of the vertical strips and weave as shown, alternating over and under then push out to either side.
4.Weave the last vertical strip in the center, taking care to reverse the over and under effect from Step 3.
5.Glue the Reinforcement strips along the top and bottom as shown.

6.Fold all strips upward as shown.

7.Take a weaving strip and place the end behind the second vertical strip and secure with a clip or clothespin. Weave alternately, use clothespins to help keep in place.

8. Slightly fold corners to keep in place.

9. After weaving the first row cut off any excess and glue.
Make sure that the ends are hidden by the vertical strips.
10. Using a new Accent color Weaving strip, start the second row at the 3rd vertical strip on the opposite side of the basket to maintain an even thickness. Weave over and under.

 11. Repeat weaving with the remaining Weaving strips as shown, until 8 rows are completed. Gradually pull the vertical strips to tighten the gaps between the rows.

12. For all of the vertical strips on the outside of the top row, fold inward.
13. Cut off excess as necessary and tuck the ends into the third row from the top. Ends should be unseen.
14. Tuck all the folded strips into the top row.
15. Place the Inner Rim strip between the 10th row strip and the remaining vertical strips for reinforcement as shown.
16. For all of the vertical strips in side of the top row, fold outward and tuck them into 3rd row.
17. Trim one end of the Outer Rim strip to make a point. Insert through every other vertical strip as shown. The weave pattern should be the same as the third row from the top. The end of the Rim strip should be hidden by a vertical strip to maintain a seamless look.
Your basket as shown and it's done!

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