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Type of Weaving

From traditional basket weaving techniques to Asian knots, Kagocraft's Sustainable Craftbands are an ideal for enjoying various types of knots.


Plain Weave / Start and Stop

The Plain Weave is a simple weave that can be completed in a short amount of time. It’s perfect for beginners and is the foundation for all types of weaving.


Chase Weave

The Chase Weave is a technique that weaves two rows simultaneously for a quick finish. Often done with thin strips and used for projects that are round. It also has a delicate aesthetic.



Three Strand Weave

As the name implies, this weaving technique is done with three strips. Projects using this technique have a soft, somewhat fluffy look. By using different colors for the three strips, a pretty pattern is created.




Herringbone Weave / Twill Weave

The Herringbone Weave allows for weaving without any gaps. By skipping two or three strips, or changing the width of the strips different looks and patterns can be achieved. Changing up the colors in addition to the width and skip pattern will result in endless variations with The Herringbone Weave.




Japanese Square Knot Weave

The Japanese Square Knot Weave is a strong and durable weaving technique. Each knot is square in shape. Since this weaving technique is just making knots, glue is not used. Spraying water on a project that uses this technique and letting it dry will make it even more durable.



Flower Knot Weave

The Flower Knot Weave is a sister to The Japanese Square Knot Weave. It is also strong and durable. Each knot looks like a flower with six petals. While this weaving technique is for those that are more advanced in skill, the finished look is gorgeous with minimal gaps.


Hexagonal Weave

The openings of projects using the Hexagonal Weave are hexagon in shape. It is a pattern rooted in traditional basket masking and gives a Japanese aesthetic to the finished project. There are also many weaving techniques derived from the Hexagonal Weave. ( Such as Wrap Hexagonal Weave, Inserted Hexagonal Weave.)


Floral Hexagonal Weave

The Floral Hexagonal Weave is a sister to the Hexagonal Weave. By inserting strips into a Hexagonal Weave base, a floral pattern is made. Since thin strips are inserted, the finished project has a delicate aesthetic.



Clematis Weave

The Clematis Weave is also a sister to the Hexagonal Weave. By inserting strips into a Hexagonal Weave base, a pattern that resembles a Clematis flower is made. This weaving technique results in minimal gaps between the strips.