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Reindeer Paper Weaving Ornament Tutorial Craft Band


Weave this adorable reindeer with KaGOcraft’s Craft Band to adorn your Christmas tree!


Important Notes!

  • Gorilla Wood Glue is highly recommended for best results.
  • Under “Prepare the Craft Band” below, the strips are listed in the order they will be used.
  • Make certain to use the same width Craft Band when mixing colors,
  • At KaGOcraft, we prefer to use centimeters for our measurements instead of inches, as it’s more precise for our projects and will yield the best results in the finished item.



  • KaGOcraft’s Craft Band
  • Scissors
  • Clips or Clothespins
  • Spray Bottle with Water


Prepare the Craft Band:

For one reindeer:

Strip ① 45cm x 3 pcs (4 thread width) Pastel Marron

Strip ② 30cm x 1 pc (4 thread width) Mocha

Strip ③ 30cm x 1 pc (4 thread width) Turquoise


For a slightly larger reindeer:

Strip ① 65cm x 3pcs (6 thread width) Pastel Marron

Strip ② 40cm x 1 pc (6 thread width) Mocha

Strip ③ 40cm x 1pc (6 thread width) Turquoise



  1. Using two strips of Strip ①, cross the two as shown, leaving about 5cm for the vertical strip above where the strips intersect.

  2. Fold the horizontal strip on either side down, so that they are flush with the vertical strip in the center. 

  3. Use the remaining strip of Strip ① and tuck horizontally under the strips facing downward. The center of the strip should be at the vertical strip.

  4. Fold the horizontal strips on either side of the newly inserted strip down, so that they are flush with the strips facing downward.

  5. Weave Strips ② and ③ as shown, leaving about 10 cm on the left side for each strip. Spray evenly with water and close the gaps between the strips.

  6. Fold the downward facing strip on the left to the front and to the right, so that it is parallel to Strips ② and ③.

  7. Weave the strip folded in the previous step as shown. Repeat the same process with the remaining downward facing strips, making sure to alternate the weave pattern.

  8. Rotate 90° to the left. Starting with Strip ②, fold to the front downward, to the right. Follow with Strip ③. Weave as shown.

  9. Starting with the bottom most Strip ① on the right, fold four strips upward to the left. The strips should be parallel and woven as shown. 

  10. Fold the two strips of Strip ① indicated by the red arrows upward to the right and weave as shown.

  11. Fold the same two strips downward to the right, as indicated by the red arrows.

  12. Fold the strip indicated by the arrow upward to the right.

  13. Turn over to the back, fold the strip indicated by the arrow to the front, and insert through the next strip as shown.

  14. Turn back to the front. Insert the strip indicated by the red arrow through the strip as shown.

  15. Turn the reindeer over so that the head is on the left. Trim the indicated strip.

  16. Fold the front legs and antlers as shown. Trim any excess as necessary. Complete.


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