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Sweet Rose Strap Craft Band

Make this pretty rose with KaGOcraft’s Craft Band in your choice of colors! Hook it on to your purse or tote as a cute little bag charm or wherever you like!

Finished Dimensions: 8cm

Important Notes!

  • Gorilla Wood Glue is highly recommended for best results.
  • Under “Prepare the Craft Band” below, the strips are listed in the order they will be used.
  • Finished item may vary slightly in size from the dimensions above.
  • At KaGOcraft, we prefer to use centimeters for our measurements instead of inches, as it’s more precise for our projects and will yield the best results in the finished item.


  • KaGOcraft’s Craft Band, ★★ 13mm width in Peach Tree, Strawberry, and Moss Green
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Prepare the Craft Band:

Braiding Strip Ⓐ 50cm x 6 pcs (1 thread width) Peach Tree

Braiding Strip Ⓑ 50cm x 3 pcs (1 thread width) Strawberry

Leaf Piece 4cm x 4 pcs (12 thread width) Moss Green


  1. Gather all of the Braiding Strips Ⓐ and Ⓑ and tie a knot. Separate the strips into three bunches of three strips each as shown. Each bunch should be two strips of Braiding Strip and one strip of Braiding Strip

  2. Maintain the pattern of each bunch as ⒶⒶ, and begin braiding by bringing the bunch on the right over to the left, over the center bunch.

  3. Straighten out the strips of the bunch on the left, maintaining the ⒶⒶpattern. Move this bunch to the center, as shown.

  4. Move the bunch on the right to the center, as shown. 

  5. Continue braiding, keeping the strips taut and the braid tight.

  6. Once braiding has been completed, secure the end with glue so the braid does not come undone.

  7. Apply glue to the knotted end.

  8. Wrap the braided strip around the knot, applying glue and slowly shifting the wrapping to give it more dimension. The ends of the knot should be hidden.

  9. Once wrapping has been completed, secure the end with glue.

  10. Use two pieces of the Leaf Piece and glue one piece over the other lengthwise, overlapping in the center about 2 threads. Repeat with the remaining two pieces.

  11. Trim the pieces into a leaf shape as shown. 

Arrange the rose and leaves together and secure with glue. Finished!

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