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Petit Basket Japanese cross knot

Paper Weaving Tutorial: Japanese Square Knot Petite Basket

 Important Notes!

- If you are using two or more colors, make sure that you use Craft Band that is the same width 
  all 13mm Otherwise, your finished coaster will be crooked.
- To tear the Paper Eco Tape to your desired width, cut at the desired seam, and take a PP band strip or a plastic card of some sort, insert at the cut and then glide between the threads.
- Different color strips might used in photos for the applicable step.
- Finished item may vary slightly in size from the dimensions above.
- At KaGOcraft, we prefer to use centimeters for our measurements instead of inches, as it's more precise for our projects and will yield the best results in the finished item.


Skill level: ★

Supply list

- KaGOcraft's 13mm Craft Band

- Scissors
- PP Band

- Starter tool kit



For this project, we love using two different colors, but it's up to you! 

Prepare the Craft Band 13mm for this project

Color A Main body : Pastel Marron
Color B Accent : Yamabuki

Name Length Pieces Width Color
1 Horizontal strip   70cm 5 5 A
2 Vertical strip   70cm 5 5 A
3 Weaving strip  115cm 2 5 A
4 Weaving strip  115cm 1 5 B



  1. Fold one of the Vertical Strip A in half and place over the center of Horizontal Strip B.

  1. Taking the part of Vertical Strip A that is in the back, bring the end of strip A behind strip B to make a loop, as shown.

  1. Fold strip B on the right side to the back, making sure to push the end through the loop created in Step 2, and pull all of the way through. This strip should be behind Vertical Strip A.

  1. Working with the same part of strip B that was used in Step 3, fold it to the front, crossing over the front of Vertical Strip A that is pointing down. Push the end though the loop created in Step 2, and pull all the way through.

    Note: The method of creating this knot by pushing the end through the loop in the back and then the front is known as the Reverse Square Knot.



  1. Gradually tighten all 4 ends. You've just completed the first "Japanese Reverse Square Knot".

  1. Add a new Vertical Strip A to the right of the knot you just completed. Fold the newly added strip so that in the front it matches up in length to the strip hanging down from the first knot.

  1. Repeat Step 2 with the new strip A.

  1. As in step 3, fold strip B on the right to the back and pass through the loop from Step 7.

  1. Taking care knot to cross over the bottom strip hanging down from the first knot, fold strip B to the front and pass through the loop.

  1. Gradually tighten the ends. You've just added a second knot to the first one. 

  1. Repeat steps 6 to 9 to add one more knot. You should now have a total of three knots.

  1. Rotate the three knots 180° so that the first knot that you completed is now on the right. 

  1. Again, repeat Steps 6 to 9 to add two more knots. You should now have a row of 5 square knots.

  1. Rotate the five knots 90°, and add a new Horizontal Strip (B) to the right of the very bottom knot. Match the length of the front of the newly added strip to the strip hanging from the very bottom knot.

  1. Repeat Step 2 with the new strip B.

  1. Fold the strip on the right to the back. No need to pass through the loop in the back as before.

  1. Then fold the strip to the front. This strip should cross over the front of the strip hanging down and pass through the loop. Pull through.


  1. Gradually tighten.

  1. Working with the same strip from Step 17, fold over the strip on the right of the knot second from the bottom. 

  1. Repeat Steps 15 to 18, to create another knot. 

  1. You should now have 2 columns of knots as shown.

  1. Taking a new Horizontal Strip (B), repeat the same process to add another column of knots on the right.

  1. Once you have three columns of knots, rotate 180°, and repeat Steps 15 to 18 to add two more columns of knots. You should now have 25 knots.

  1. Fold all strips upright.

25. Using Weaving Strip C, create a fold 10cm (about 4 in) from one end. Hook the strip as shown, so that the shorter strip is in the front. Starting in the center is recommended, avoid starting at any of the corners.

26.Proceed to the left. The basic method to add the knots is the same as before, only now it's on its side. Fold Strip A in the photo to the left behind Vertical Strip B, to create a loop.

27.Then fold Strip B to the back, and out through the hole.

28.Then push Strip B through the loop from Step 25, and tighten all of the ends.

29.Continue in the same manner by proceeding to the left, hooking the Weaving Strip to the Vertical Strip to create a loop, folding the Vertical Strip back and out through the hole below, and pushing through the loop.

 30.The first row has been completed with a Weaving Strip.

31.To complete the row, push the end of the Weaving Strip in the front through the loop on the left.

32.Then push inward through the hole.

  1. Push the same end through two knots as shown.

34. For the other end of the Weaving Strip, push through two knots as shown. Cut off the excess.


  1. Weave the second row in the same manner, starting on the opposite side of the basket as the first row.


  1. Use Weaving Strip D to weave the third row.


  1. Fold all of the vertical strips inward, and tuck in the ends.


  1. Once all of the ends are tucked in, cut off any excess.

  1. Using the spray bottle with water, spray the basket evenly and adjust the shape. After it dries completely the basket is done!


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