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TUTORIAL Double Cross Overlay Basket Level: Intermediate [CRAFTbAND PROJECT]

This Double Cross Overlay Basket is a great project for those who already have the basics of paper weaving with KaGOcraft's Paper Eco Tape down, and want to step up your skills!

Finished Dimensions: 6 11/16" x 6 11/16" x 5 1/8" (11 7/16" with handle)

Important Notes!

- Gorilla Wood Glue is highly recommended for best results.

- Different color strips are used in photos for the applicable step.

- To tear the Paper Eco Tape to your desired width, cut at the desired seam, and take a PP band strip or a plastic card of some sort, insert at the cut and then glide between the threads.

- Finished item may vary slightly in size from the dimensions above.


- KaGocraft's Paper Eco Tape

- KaGOcraft's Braid Cord

- Scissors

- Glue

- Masking Tape

- Clips or Clothespins

Prepare the Craftband:

①Horizontal Strip 1 17cm x 6 pcs (12 thread width)

②Horizontal Strip 2 52 cm x 5 pcs (12 thread width)

③Support Strip 16cm x 4 pcs (12 thread width)

④Vertical Strip 52cm x 5 pcs (12 thread width)

⑤Insert Strip 20cm x 4 pcs (12 thread width)

⑥Reinforcement Strip 17cm x 2 pcs (12 thread width)

⑦Weaving Strip 1 73cm x 4 pcs (12 thread width)

⑧Weaving Strip 2 73cm x 1 pc (24 thread width)

⑨Weaving Strip 3 73cm x 2 pcs (6 thread width)

⑩Decorative Strip 73cm x 1 pc (Braid Cord)

⑪Lacing Strip 200cm x 2 pcs (3 thread width)

⑫Inner Handle Strip 46cm x 1pc (12 thread width)

⑬Outer Handle Strip 48cm x 1pc (12 thread width)

⑭Decorative Handle Strip 46cm x 1pc (Braid Cord)

⑮Inner Rim Strip 73cm x 1pc (12 thread width)

⑯Decorative Outer Rim Strip 73cm x pc (Braid Cord)



  1. Make the base. Arrange Horizontal Strips 1 and 2 as shown. Make sure that they are centered. Glue the Support Strips along both sides as shown in the picture. Turn over and glue the remaining Support Strips in the same manner.
2. Trim the corners as shown to create rounded corners. Also round the corners of the Reinforcement Strips as shown. These will be used later.
3. Weave 2 Vertical Strips into the base, over and under as shown.
4. Push out to either side.
5. Weave 2 more Vertical Strips into the base, alternating the weave pattern from Step 3. Push out to either side.
6. Weave in the last Vertical Strip as shown. Make sure that all of the strips are centered.
7. Glue the Insert Strips on to each corner, as shown.
8. Glue the Reinforcement Strips along the top and bottom.
9. Fold all of the strips upward. Using Weaving Strip 1, place the end behind the center strip, and weave over and under. Use clothespins to help keep in place.

10. To complete the first row, glue the ends of the weaving strip together. Make sure the ends are hidden behind the vertical strips. Cut off any excess if necessary.


  1. With a new Weaving Strip 1, start the second row at the strip to the left of the center strip. Start the row on a different side of the basket to maintain an even thickness.
12. Weave the third row.
  1. Using Weaving Strip 2, leave a 8 inch space, then glue the Decorative Strip in the center of the Weaving Strip 2. Do not glue all the way.
14. Glue the end of one Lacing Strip behind a center vertical strip, as shown.
  1. Place the wide strip as shown. Align the braid cord at the center vertical strip.


16. This is how it should look on the inside.


17. Take the lacing strip and cross upward to the next vertical strip and loop around it as shown.
18. Next, cross downward to the next vertical strip and loop around it under the wide weaving strip.
  1. In the same manner, work your way around the body of the basket.
  1. Glue the braid cord to the wide strip along the way.
  1. To complete the wide row, cut off excess and glue the ends together. 


  1. Cover the seam with the braid cord and continue the zigzag effect with the Lacing Strip.
  1. Overlap the ends of the braid cord about 1 1/2" and glue.
  1. Using the other Lacing Strip, glue to the basket like the first Lacing Strip.
25. Repeat the zigzag effect. This strip should alternate from the previous Lacing Strip.
26. Glue the ends of the Lacing Strips.
  1. Weave two rows using Weaving Strip 3, and one additional row with Weaving Strip 1. Gradually pull the vertical strips to tighten the gaps between the rows as much as possible.
  1. For all of the strips on the outside of the top row, fold inward. For all of the strips on the inside of the top row, fold outward except for the center strip on either side. These will become part of the handle.
  1. Tuck the ends of the folded strips into the third row from the top, cutting off any excess as necessary. The ends should be unseen once tucked in.
  1. Glue the Inner Handle Strip to the inside of the two vertical strips sticking out from the basket. Be sure to tuck the ends into the second row from the top.
  1. Glue the Outer Handle Strip to the Inner Handle Strip. Tuck the ends into the third row from the top on the outside of the basket.
  1. Glue the Decorative Handle Strip to the handle.
33. Glue the Inner Rim Strip on the inside of the basket.
34. Glue the Decorative Outer Rim Strip to the outside of the basket. Basket is done!
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