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Two-Tone Basket Tote Bag Plain Weave


Finished Dimensions: 11" x 4 5/16" x 7 3/8" (13 3/4" including handles) 


 Important Notes!
- Gorilla Wood Glue is highly recommended for best results.
- Different color strips are used in photos for the applicable step.
- Finished item may vary slightly in size from the dimensions above.

Skill level: ★★★★☆

Supply list

- KaGOcraft's 15mm Craft Band
- Gorilla Wood Glue
- Scissors
- Clips or Clothespins
- Starter tool kit


-DIY Two Tone Basket Tote kit

Prepare the Craft Band 15mm for this project

Color A: Main Color of the Basket Vanilla Cream
Color B: Main Color of the Basket  Mocha
Color C: Accent Color Mille Crape

Name Length Pieces Width Color
1 Horizontal strip   28cm 12 A
2 Horizontal strip   78cm 3 12 A
3 Support strip   11cm 2 12 A
4 Vertical strip  60cm 10 12 A
5 Vertical strip  60cm 1 12 C
6 Reinforcement strip  28cm 2 12 A
7 Weaving strip  85cm 4 12 A
8 Weaving strip  85cm 7 12 B
9 Weaving strip  85cm 1 12 C
10 Rim strip  85cm 2 12 A
11 Handle strip  50cm 4 12 A
12 Decorative strip for Handle  40cm 2  6 C
13 Lacing for handle  420cm 2  3 A
14 Bow  20cm 1 13 C
15 Bow  5cm 1 13 C
16 Bow  6.5cm 2 13 C



  1. Make the base. Arrange Horizontal strips 1 & 2 alternately as shown. Make sure they are centered. Glue Support strip 3 along the sides as shown.

  1. Flip to the other side. Glue Vertical strip 4 along the sides as shown. Make sure they are centered. (Tip: Fold Vertical strip 4 in half to find the center.)

  1. Turn over back to the front side. Weave vertical strips 4 and 5 as shown. Make sure they are lined up evenly. Glue Reinforcement strip 6 along top and bottom.

4. Fold all of the strips upward.

5. Using Weaving strip 8, place end behind the 4th vertical strip from the left. Use a clothespin to hold in place. Weave over and under, using clothespins to help keep in place.


  1. Upon returning to the starting point, trim the ends as necessary and glue the ends together. Take care to hide the ends behind vertical strips to achieve a seamless look. Use clothespins to help keep in place.

  1. Start the second row with a new Weaving strip 7 at the 5th vertical strip from the left on the opposite side of the basket to maintain an even thickness. Weave over and under. The weave pattern should be the opposite of the pattern from Step 5. 
  1. Complete weaving 7 rows with Weaving strip 7. Pull vertical strips gradually to tighten and close the gaps between the rows.
  1. Continue to weave in the same manner, using Weaving strips 8 and 9, as shown. 12 rows should now be completed.
  1. Pull vertical strips gradually to tighten and close the gaps between the rows. For all of the vertical strips except for the 3rd strips from either end on the outside of the top row, fold inward, then trim excess and tuck them down into the third row from the top. The ends should be unseen. The strips that are not folded inward will become the base of the handles for the tote.
  1. Using one of Rim Reinforcement strip 10, place in between the top row and the remaining vertical strips. Fold the vertical strips outward, and then trim excess and tuck into the third row from the top. The ends should be unseen.
  1. All vertical strips except for the third strip from either end on both sides should now be tucked in.
  1. Trim one end of the other Rim Reinforcement strip to make a point. Insert through every other vertical strip as shown. The weave pattern should be the same as the third row from the top. The end of the Rim Reinforcement strip should be hidden by a vertical strip to maintain a seamless look.
  1. On the inside of the standing strips, tuck Handle strip 11 down to the third row from the top. Apply glue to the vertical strip and adhere to Handle strip 11.
  1. Using another piece of Handle strip 11, repeat the process from Step 14 on the outside portion. Glue the two Handle strip 11's together.
  1. Use clothespins to hold together and let dry.

  1. Slip one end of the lashing strip between the rim and wall of the basket, using glue to secure. Start wrapping around the handle.

  1. After 10 wraps around, slide one piece of Decorative strip 13 under the lashing, about 1cm. Pull the decorative strip away from the handle and wrap 3 times. 

  1. Then push the decorative strip back to the handle, and wrap 3 times around the handle and decorative strip. Repeat this process until you reach the other end. Try to keep the space between the top of the basket and where the decorative strip begins as even as possible on both sides.

  1. Repeat Steps 14 to 19 with the other handle.

  1. To make the bow, glue the ends of Bow strip A together, overlapping about 1 inch. Trim one end of Bow strip C with notches.

  1. Flatten the center of the loop made by Bow strip A, and use Bow strip B to wrap and tighten. The seam on Bow strip A should be hidden by Bow strip B.

  1. Attach Bow strips C to the back side of Bow strip A/B. Glue bow to where Vertical strip 5 and Weaving strip C intersect.

24. Complete! 


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