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Materials & Tools

Kagocraft's Sustainable Materials

Craftband PP Band
Craftband is sustainable paper made from recycled paper waste such as newspapers and milk cartons. Flexible, durable, and colorful, Craftbands are the perfect medium for simple and exacting design alike.

Polypropylene bands for handicraft. These PPBands are made out of recycled cap of plastic bottle.
Light and strong material that can be washed with water.
Available in bright colors and natural wood grain style.

Each strand is thicker than regular Craftband.  24 strand widths instead of the usual 12 strand width. Craftbands that have been treated to resist fading.
Coated braided loop
Craftbands with coated surface, glossy and taut. Available in 4, 6 and 8 widths Paper string made by braiding Craftband. Paper string made from thick strands of twine.

Common Tools for Paper Weaving

Used for cutting Craftband. Quality craft scissors are recommended. Used for secure Craftband. Tape can be substituted.
Use to secure the Craftband. Paper clips can be substituted. Use to shape or adjust item. Wet towel can be substituted.
We use centimeters.it's precise for our projects and will yield the best results in the finished item. Use for lining up vertical and horizontal strips specially Plain, and Herringbone weaving.
Used for bonding bands together. White, or school glue does not work. Used to divide the width of the Craftband. Old plastic card can be substituted.

Tools you may find useful

Useful  when weave the bottom. Useful for pulling and rounding small parts.

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