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What is Craftband?

Craftband is an amazing paper threads.

Craftband has its beginnings from over 50 years ago, as it is made of paper thread that was used as packaging thread, mostly as closure for rice bags. This paper thread has the strength to support bags of rice up to 60kg in weight, and is still being used today. However, as rice bags currently being used are changing from paper to plastic, the demand for this paper thread - affectionately known as "rice thread" - has dramatically declined. The factories and companies that produced this paper thread were slowly being forced to downsize or even close their business completely. But by taking advantage of the strength and versatility of this paper thread, and updating it by producing it in various colors, we are currently repurposing this paper thread as a craft medium, in the form of Craftband. 


Craftband is a safe and eco-friendly craft medium.

It is sustainable because it is made from recycled paper waste such as paper bags used as packaging for sugar and flour, milk cartons, and other paper waste. Any scraps you have can be returned to the earth since it is biodegradable, and if burned, no dioxins are released. it is a craft medium you can feel good about using.

Simple simple simple!!!!

Great thing about craftband is that you don't need special machines or tools to enjoy them. 
You can start with Scissors, Paper Clips, Wood Glue and Tape Measure.

Craftband makes it easy for anyone to create your masterpiece.

This unique craft suitable for all ages and seasons. Enjoy it with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors!!