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Pine Corn & Christmas Tree Tutorial Craft Band

Make these pine cones with KaGOcraft’s Craft Band to decorate your home for the holidays!

Finished Dimensions: 4cm in diameter

Important Notes!

  • Gorilla Wood Glue is highly recommended for best results.
  • Under “Prepare the Craft Band” below, the strips are listed in the order they will be used.
  • Finished item may vary slightly in size from the dimensions above.
  • At KaGOcraft, we prefer to use centimeters for our measurements instead of inches, as it’s more precise for our projects and will yield the best results in the finished item.


  • KaGOcraft’s Craft Band, in Brown and Pastel Marron
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clips or Clothepins

Prepare the Craft Band:

Braiding Strip Ⓐ 100cm x 6 pcs (1 thread width) Brown

Braiding Strip Ⓑ 100cm x 3 pcs (1 thread width) Pastel Marron


  1. Following the braiding method of our Sweet Rose Strap, create a braided strip. 

  2. Apply glue to the knotted end.

  3. Using a clothespin to hold the loose end of the knot, wrap the braided strip around the knot, applying glue and slowly shifting the wrapping by 3mm to 5mm.

  4. <Inside View> Continue to wrap, taking care to shape into a pine cone shape while wrapping.

  5. While wrapping, wind the bottom portion of the pine cone so that it gradually becomes a little smaller, as shown.

  6. Once wrapping has been completed, secure the end with glue.


Modified Version:

The same method can be applied to make a small Christmas Tree! Prepare 15 threads of green and 3 threads of white, all 350cm in length for small Tree. Each braid bunch should be 5 threads of green and 1 thread white. Wrap and wind into a cone shape and it’s a tree!


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